Meet The Jewelers


Meet The Jewelers

Town Jewelers Inc. has been a family owned and operated establishment since 1976. Built on the dreams of one man to provide a better life for his family. Ali Forghani came to the US at the age of 20. With almost no background in english, or American culture, Mr. Forghani started to pursue the American Dream. A third generation jeweler himself, Mr. Forghani graduated from college and further his horizons in the jewelery industry. After college, Ali Forghani earned his Graduate Gemology degree from the Gemological Institue of America. He then started off as a jewelery repairman at this very Town Jewelers, but slowly worked his way up to become the sole proprietor of the establishment. After scratching to get to the top, Ali Forghani has built quite a resume for himself as well as quite a reputation.


At Town Jewelers we are known to excel in any spectrum of jewelry or watchmaking. All work is done on the premises and is held to the highest of standards, as Mr. Forghani has been doing for the past 35+ years. In keeping with the nature of a family owned business, his son, Hamid Forghani, is now operating Town Jewelers on a day to day basis. Hamid Forghani has studied at the University of Maryland, and also is a Graduate Gemologist through the Gemological Institution of America. We here at Town Jewelers keep a very friendly environment for people to come see. Come in to Town Jewelers anytime during our normal business hours, and meet both Ali and Hamid Forghani for yourself!

The Family

The Family


Ali Forghani

  • Graduate Gemologist with GIA

  • Master Watchmaker

  • Licensed Appraiser

  • 40+ years of Watchmaking experience

  • 40+ years of Jewelry repair & Design experience

  • Owner


Hamid Forghani

  • Gemologist with GIA

  • 15+ years of experience in the jewelry and watch industry

  • 10+ years experience in retail

  • Specialist in Engagement rings and Wedding sets

  • Specialist in Handmade Jewelry

  • Owner/Operator