At Town Jewelers we happily buy or let you trade-in your broken, unused, or worn jewelry, vintage or high grade watches, that you simply have no need for.

Not sure what you have? No problem! We will sift through your pieces right in front of you, and let you know what is valuable and what is not as we go through. Because Town Jewelers Inc. is completely family owned and operated, we do not use any outside melters, or go to any other source other than ourselves to buy your gold. I assure you, the jewelry and watch buying at Town Jewelers is relaxed, quick and carefree. Also, it's free! Just come in and show us your jewelry box of things you don’t use, and we’ll let you know what treasures are there.


Want a fast Internet Appraisal?

Step 1. Take a picture of you jewelry piece.

Step 2. CLICK HERE and attach photo to email. (or send to

Step 3. Include your contact information and any known information about the jewelry piece (ie. metal type, etc.)

You’ll recieve an estimate appraisal of your jewelry within 1-2 business days!